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Miss Potter provides many classes and workshops about edible gardening and/or backyard farming. They range from Basic classes, to Topical classes, to Hands-On-Learning Workshops.

Times and locations can vary.

For a current listing check my monthly calendar at: Miss Potters Calender

Fort Myers Garden School

Outdoor Classroom Box Gardens 3Explore our Wonderful Outdoor Classroom

Box Gardens get straight A’s from kids, parents, and teachers.

In 2013, Miss Potter worked closely with teachers at the Six Mile Charter Academy setting up a new project — an outdoor garden classroom.

Over the summer, the school expanded its fifth grade square foot garden box project from five containers in the parking lot to 10 boxes in a designated fenced section of the property, creating Six Mile’s first hands-on outdoor environmental classroom.

In the beginning of the project, a few kids were excited about what they might be able to eat from the garden, but most were leery of the idea. By the end of the year they were fighting over who got the tomatoes.

Outdoor Classroom Box Gardens

Outdoor Classroom Box Gardens 2

Read more about the school project in the Corridor Magazine article from August 2013, click here.

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Hours of Operation: Please call to schedule your personalized appointment – we have spots available several days a week. 239-464-5754. We are close on rainy days and most holidays.

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Call to schedule your personalized appointment – available several days a week.

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