Welcome to MIss Potters Place Fort Myers

Miss Potters Place will not be open for any garden tours, or have any open garden hours until January. We will need time to clean up, recoup and replant after Irma’s unwelcome visit.

I still have eggs for sale and honey and I will be posting more info if/when veggie babies might be available. And I will continue classes in October.

I will be closing down the fruit tree nursery .. so a clearance sale will be happening soon!! Keep watching for more details, or send me a message if you think you wanna come check out what i have left before I sell em all! Please call me at (239) 464-5754.

Are you ready for fun, fabulous and healthy? 

Welcome to Miss Potters Place! We are an AgriTourism Destination that is Beautiful, Educational, Fun and delicious! Miss Potter is a certified Square Foot Gardener and a Master Gardener who has dedicated several years to transforming her backyard into a wonderful oasis of gardening, farming, plant nursery and more!

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Have you stopped by lately? Things are really growing and blooming at Miss Potters Place!

A  Showcase of Edible Gardening 

  • Edible Flowers
  • Edible Hedges
  • Container Planting
  • Fruit, Nut, Spice Trees
  • Veggies & Herbs
  • Butterfly Gardens too!

Backyard Urban Micro Farm 

  • Rabbits
  • Free Range Chickens
  • Bees / Bee Hives
  • Earthworms
  • Bird Houses / Feeders
  • Bat Houses
  • Butterfly Plants

Come Grow With Us!

  • Garden Tours
  • Garden School
  • Classes / Workshops
  • Personal Consultations
  • Plant Nursery
  • Garden Parties
  • Gift Shop And more!

Fort Myers Backyard Garden ToursFlorida is known for its fruit trees, and I knew I wanted a lemon tree. My motto is you can never have too many lemons, but getting them at the grocery store was becoming more and more expensive. I figured if I grew them in my backyard I could save a few dollars. Which led to my thinking, “Could I make my entire backyard a little more productive, so it could give me something back instead of just taking from me?” And thus began my gardening adventure!

Square foot gardening is the practice of using a small space, and just a little bit of work, to achieve great gardening success. It is a raised-bed method and is particularly well suited to beginning gardeners and areas with poor soil. Over the years, I have played and experimented with lots of fun fruits and veggies in my yard. I now have so many varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, trees and beautiful plants – in the ground, in containers and in raised beds!

I am fully convinced that if I can garden, anyone can garden! It has become my mission to help others who may feel like gardening is a mystery, or is too hard, or can’t be done in a small space, or in the South West Florida heat.

Photo Gallery Miss Potters PlaceCome Visit Miss Potters Place! 

Please come visit, we would love to have you over! All ages are welcome (kids benefit greatly from this gardening method, too). Come tour my garden to see what I have done. Miss Potter’s Place is open to the public for Garden Tours, Fresh Picked Produce, Nursery Plants & Seeds, Garden Shop Trinkets & Treasures.

Hours of Operation: Please call to schedule your personalized appointment – we have spots available several days a week. 239-464-5754. We are close on rainy days and most holidays.

  • No pets please.
  • All children must be supervised. (All children under 5 must have a hand holding adult.)
  • It is difficult to navigate wheelchairs, strollers or walkers through the garden.
  • No public restrooms.

SWFL Backyard Garden and Micro Farm

SWFL Backyard Garden

Miss Pottes Place SWFL

Come Visit Soon! Come be inspired! Come see what can be done in a backyard space!
We’re at 3747 Liberty Square, Fort Myers, FL 33908 (239) 464-5754
Call to schedule your personalized appointment – available several days a week.

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