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Dig In! Miss Potter is a certified Square Foot Gardener and a Master Gardener.

Backyard Veggie GrowingWe are what we eat. The typical Florida lifestyle tends to center around eating out. Whether you are raising children and running them to and from school, friends, sports, and endless lessons, or you work full time and you are trying to squeeze in errands and a social life on top of those 40+ hours, or you are retired and have a calendar full of appointments and activities, the average Floridian eats out 4-5 times a week. Even when we are trying to “make good choices” we are probably not getting enough veggies every day.

A diet consisting of at least five servings (2 to 3 cups) of fruits and vegetables daily decreases the risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes and certain cancers.

One simple thing you can do that will make a tremendous impact on your health is to eat more vegetables every day. And a simple way to do that is to start a home garden. Yes, I used the words SIMPLE and GARDEN in the same sentence! That may seem like a contradiction to most people. Gardening is usually thought of as very laborious. There’s all the digging, the tilling, the hoeing, the watering, the weeding. But what if I told you there is a way to garden that IS simple? No digging, no tilling, no hoeing, very little watering and very little weeding … no kidding! It can be done. And it all starts with a SQUARE FOOT. Yes, you can grow your own backyard garden and all you need is 12 square inches!!

This method is called SQUARE FOOT GARDENING and it can be done anywhere … with very little work, very little space, and a whole lot of success! You can grow anything this way … from arugala to zuchinnis. And studies show that growing a home garden leads to eating more servings of fresh vegetables and fruits every day. This can lead to a lifetime of healthier eating habits for all ages. That’s the foundation for good health. So you really can make a major change with one small step. So let’s dig in!!

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Photos from Miss Potters Place's post

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Photos from Miss Potters Place's post

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