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Adrienne Potter Diaz, a.k.a. Miss Potter, is a passionate and enthusiastic edible gardener. When she was a single mother raising her 5 children she was looking for ways to feed them frugally. She was also interested in feeding them nutritious. These two goals were not possible at the local grocery store. So she started to try to grow tomatoes and herbs in pots on her then tiny condo patio.

After purchasing her first home in a gated community in the Fort Myers area, she still had tiny space obstacles, but now HOA restrictions as well. She soon learned to overcome them and turned her tiny 1/3 acre space into a beautiful and very productive yard.

After deciding that she needed to expand to not only feeding herself (and her then still at home young adults), but to grow extras for others, offer plants for sale and have a place for formal garden classes/gatherings, she moved to the current MISS POTTER’S PLACE location, a 1-acre yard, in a South Fort Myer’s neighborhood.

We encourage you to visit often because things are always changing, growing and blooming at Miss Potters Place!

About Miss Potter’s Place

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Miss Potter’s Place is first and foremost a home residence. 2 years ago, in the yard, you would have found numerous invasive like carrotwood trees and java palms, dangerous trees like fish tail and reclinata palms, 90+ foot Australian pine trees, as well as numerous overgrown and neglected shrubs and ornamentals. The yard was not graded or irrigated properly; it had several dead zones as well as swampy zones. Very little was usable.

After constructing a grand plan to repurpose the entire 1.1 acre yard, it is now a showcase of how edible landscaping can be not only beautiful, but also productive.

There are now well over 500 plants on the property; some in butterfly and cottage flower gardens, some in an extensive edible food forest, some in a shade house and some in containers on the several patios or the lanai.

Additionally, you can add many, many more plants to that number if you count all the herbs and veggies that are growing in the over 600 sq foot veggie patch.

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Supporting the many edible, native and flowering plants are bee hives, bat houses, worm bins, a rabbitry, free range chickens, backyard quail, compost piles, and numerous rain barrels.

Miss Potter’s place has evolved into not only a grand home garden, but is now a FL certified plant nursery and a working Backyard Urban Micro Farm that is registered as an agritourism destination.

Miss Potter’s Place is designed to be enjoyed by its owners, but also purposes to inspire, encourage and educate others on the vast possibilities that gardening in SWFL affords.

It is the hope that after you have visited Miss Potter’s Place that you will begin to add more edibles into your own landscape or on your patio or lanai, start a veggie patch and/or want to buy and eat more locally grown and harvested produce.

Come Visit Miss Potters Place! 

We would love to have you over! We are open to the public for Garden Tours, Harvest Market Produce, Nursery Plants & Seeds, Garden Shop Trinkets & Treasures

Hours of Operation: Please call to schedule your personalized appointment – we have spots available several days a week. 239-464-5754. We are close on rainy days and most holidays.

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Miss Pottes Place SWFL

Come Visit Soon! Come be inspired! Come see what can be done in a backyard space!
We’re at 3747 Liberty Square, Fort Myers, FL 33908 (239) 464-5754
Call to schedule your personalized appointment – available several days a week.

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